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Extensive Services Provided By Rahand Group

Discovering & Marketing

We have agents and friends in different countries. Each day our team of gifted buyers and purchase agents scans the globe for electronic and entertainment product at the best possible prices. Our agents in different countries throughout the entire middle-east are discovering new partners, business opportunities and emerging markets every day! And then market the electronics, computer parts and accessories by giving offers and discounts to attract new customers.

  • Real-time analyzing the local markets
  • Obtaining samples of goods
  • Exploring the emerging opportunities
  • Real-time exploring the region
  • Providing up-to-date data of the current marketshare


We help our partners import and expand in the region. Our resources and expertise provides our clients with substantial savings, helping them be more competitive and profitable. We establish a contract with the manufacturer after agreeing on factors such as the price and quality of the inventory, shipping logistics, warranties and method of payment. Our warehousing and maintaining departments begin their job.

  • Importing solutions, made simple
  • Exceptional advice on trade and imports
  • Our importing solutions maximize your business profits
  • Building bridges for businesses.


Different countries, different communities, different needs! We have experts and specialists who can oversee all areas and aspects. With a vibrant and loyal team of talented and respected partners, the company continues to enjoy success in business and is focused to provide outstanding support and service to our dealer network throughout the entire middle-east.

  • Reaching different countries
  • Verifying the supplier's reputation, financial standing and ability to produce the goods required
  • Targeting based on localized facts
  • Global solutions for local needs
  • Facilitate payment, expedite shipment